Competing on Consumer Journeys

Competing on Consumer Journeys
The past decade has created “empowered” consumers – experts in finding what they want, engaging with brands on their terms and expecting the products they love to be available on-demand at their doorstep at a rock-bottom price. For companies to stay ahead of their consumers, they must leverage emerging technologies, processes, and organizational structures, restoring the balance of power and creating new value for brands and buyers alike.

Marketers need to increasingly manage the hyper-personalized journeys of their customers as they would any product. The session will highlight similarities and differences in consumer journeys across industries, with an emphasis on sharing and applying learnings and best practices. The session will also provide an overview of local and global best practices for understanding and using consumer insights.

Session Chair

Fawad Ahmed – Director, Strategy & Digital Transformation – Unilever Pakistan

Panel Discussion:

Maria Gedeon – CEO – Gedeon, Mohr & Partners
Kiranjeet Purba – Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships & AdTech – foodpanda
Ahsan Maykan – Vice President, Consumer Marketing & Digital Platforms – Telenor

Rifah QadriHead of Marketing & Corporate Communications, easypaisa


Lex BradshawZanger


Ammar HassanChief Marketing Officer, Daraz
Kiranjeet Purba Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships & AdTech (APAC), foodpanda
Kazim MujtabaChief Commercial Officer, Jazz
Usman MuneerGeneral Manager Saudi Arabia, Beiersdorf
Narmeen KhanManaging Director Malaysia & Singapore, Mondolez
Fawad AhmedDirector Strategy & Digital Transformation, Unilever Pakistan

Don’t Kill the Messenger

Don't Kill the Messenger
Changes in technology and social interactions have opened new and fragmented opportunities for audiences to view and engage with the content of their choice. Adapting to this, brands have evolved their messaging and the messengers they use, especially online. Despite this, television remains the largest medium both in terms of audiences and advertising spends but hasn’t seen a similar evolution to match changing consumer preferences.

This session will talk about the challenges global and local brands are facing in crafting meaningful and engaging content that resonates, and how innovations in content creation and new mediums and platforms can be used to address these. You will learn how both consumers and the platforms they consume content on are evolving and see best-in-class examples of branded content that will leave you awed and inspired.

Session Chair

Raihan Merchant – Chairman & CEO, Z2C Pakistan

Panel Discussion

The Messages

Mark Adams – Vice President & Head of Innovation, VICE Media
Aaminah Saeed – General Manager Marketing, EBM
Måns Tesch – Chief Strategy Officer, Grey Group (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa)


Panel Presentation

The New Messengers


Mike Readman – Senior Media Consultant

Generative AI: Hype, Reality & Potential

Generative AI: Hype, Reality & Potential – Now & Tomorrow
Artificial Intelligence is not a new phenomenon. The first neural network called Perceptron was built in 1960 in Buffalo, New York; the first PhD. in Artificial Intelligence program was started at the University of Edinburgh in 1971; and ALVINN- the first ever driverless car- was being experimented with at Carnegie Melon in 1989.

Artificial Intelligence has come of age gradually, yet a lot has transpired lately and that too suddenly. Notable among the recent moves made are ChatGPT’, Google Bard, Midjourney, and others that demonstrate the disruptive potential of Generative AI. Generative AI’s widespread use case and its potential to take over menial tasks, particularly in marketing and customer service, has many of us excited and skeptical about its real value. In this session, we will bring together a host of points of view that aim to sift the chaff from the grain.

Session Chair

Asad ur Rehman – CEO, So&So Partnerships


Alex Brunori – Head of Creative Works, MENA, TR & SSA – Google
Gradually, Suddenly & Entirely: How Generative AI is Rewriting the Toolkit for Creatives in Advertising.
Daniel Shepherd – Regional Head of Strategy and Product, MENA, PHD
In the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Let’s Celebrate Authentic Stupidity.


Alex BrunoriHead of Creative Works, Google MENA, TR and SSA
Daniel Shepherd Regional Head of Strategy and Product, MENA, PHD
Ali RezChief Creative Officer, MENAP, Impact BBDO Group
Rifah Qadri – Head of Marketing & Corporate Comms, easypaisa

The Power of Creativity

The Power of Creativity
Exploring Creative Effectiveness and the impact of risk-taking and bravery in campaigns, the session will discuss how brands and agencies are able to maximize their creative output and its impact on successful and innovative campaigns. Featuring an in-depth look at award-winning campaigns, the session will also highlight key trends and commonalities between successful campaigns.

Session Chair

Ali Rez – Chief Creative Officer MENAP – Impact BBDO Group

Video Showcase

The Best of Cannes Lions 2023


Ali Rez – Chief Creative Officer MENAP – Impact BBDO Group
To create change, change the way you create


Cannes Lions
Creativity for Business Sucess

Panel Discussion

The Value of Creativity: How Innovation Leads to Business Success


Bravery in Communication