Don't Kill the Messenger
Changes in technology and social interactions have opened new and fragmented opportunities for audiences to view and engage with the content of their choice. Adapting to this, brands have evolved their messaging and the messengers they use, especially online. Despite this, television remains the largest medium both in terms of audiences and advertising spends but hasn’t seen a similar evolution to match changing consumer preferences.

This session will talk about the challenges global and local brands are facing in crafting meaningful and engaging content that resonates, and how innovations in content creation and new mediums and platforms can be used to address these. You will learn how both consumers and the platforms they consume content on are evolving and see best-in-class examples of branded content that will leave you awed and inspired.

Session Chair

Raihan Merchant – Chairman & CEO, Z2C Pakistan

Panel Discussion

The Messages

Mark Adams – Vice President & Head of Innovation, VICE Media
Aaminah Saeed – General Manager Marketing, EBM
Måns Tesch – Chief Strategy Officer, Grey Group (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa)


Panel Presentation

The New Messengers


Mike Readman – Senior Media Consultant