Generative AI: Hype, Reality & Potential – Now & Tomorrow
Artificial Intelligence is not a new phenomenon. The first neural network called Perceptron was built in 1960 in Buffalo, New York; the first PhD. in Artificial Intelligence program was started at the University of Edinburgh in 1971; and ALVINN- the first ever driverless car- was being experimented with at Carnegie Melon in 1989.

Artificial Intelligence has come of age gradually, yet a lot has transpired lately and that too suddenly. Notable among the recent moves made are ChatGPT’, Google Bard, Midjourney, and others that demonstrate the disruptive potential of Generative AI. Generative AI’s widespread use case and its potential to take over menial tasks, particularly in marketing and customer service, has many of us excited and skeptical about its real value. In this session, we will bring together a host of points of view that aim to sift the chaff from the grain.

Session Chair

Asad ur Rehman – CEO, So&So Partnerships


Alex Brunori – Head of Creative Works, MENA, TR & SSA – Google
Gradually, Suddenly & Entirely: How Generative AI is Rewriting the Toolkit for Creatives in Advertising.
Daniel Shepherd – Regional Head of Strategy and Product, MENA, PHD
In the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Let’s Celebrate Authentic Stupidity.


Alex BrunoriHead of Creative Works, Google MENA, TR and SSA
Daniel Shepherd Regional Head of Strategy and Product, MENA, PHD
Ali RezChief Creative Officer, MENAP, Impact BBDO Group
Rifah Qadri – Head of Marketing & Corporate Comms, easypaisa