Join global and local industry experts to explore the key topics driving innovation and excellence in marketing, advertising and design today. Our interactive Breakout Sessions provide you with practical and actionable insights to take your work to the next level.


Retail Media in Pakistan: The Long & Short of It!!

Location – Marquee

Breakout Leaders:
Ammar Hassan
– Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz

The global market for retail media is expected to grow to $125 billion by the end of the year, and surpass television advertising by 2028. Through retail media, brands can target and engage with customers across diverse touchpoints of their shopping journey. Learn how brands can utilize the first-party data of eCommerce companies to target onsite advertising and leverage advanced personalization algorithms to automate ad creation.


Innovation: Do or Die

Location – Shalimar Hall

Breakout Leaders:
Maria Gedeon
– Founder & CEO, Gedeon Mohr & Partners

Business transformation expert Maria Gedeon shares her roadmap for businesses on how to innovate to survive, and how to ensure a culture of continual innovation, both personally and amongst teams.


Transforming Data into Stories

Location – Dilkhusha Hall

Breakout Leaders:
George Held
– CEO, VEON AdTech | Muhammad Zeeshan – Product Lead Professional Services | Ayesha Ahmed – Product Owner, Jazz

Quantica (analytics as a service) is a consulting solution that empowers businesses with Actionable Insights. With our database, consisting of 1/3rd of Pakistan’s population, we can help businesses make data-driven, informed decisions – where to open your new shop, which product to launch, who to target for your next marketing campaign – decisions that growth and profitability depend on.

Ad tech is basically precision marketing. We have a bank digital inventory that is visited regularly, and engaged with regularly. It presented an opportunity for businesses to tap into their respective potential markets and deliver their messages to the localized target audience.