MADsemble Exhibition

Immersive and Interactive, MADsemble will have an area dedicated for marketing technology companies, content providers, VR zones, etc. where you will see new ideas and innovative technology opening new horizons for marketing, and communications.
Exhibits, not the usual boring ones with each and every booth giving you a unique experience and glimpse into the future of marketing, advertising and design in Pakistan.

Why Exhibit?

  • A Perfect Fit – an association with one of the most prestigious bodies in the country.
  • Reach out to the Who’s Who of the marketing, advertising and media industry – your perfect target audience.
  • Establish yourself as a leading company and innovator in your category.
  • Uniquely position yourself as one of the global companies that is at the forefront of supporting and developing industry platforms – an organization that realizes its corporate responsibilities.
  • A perfect platform for building image and equity with the most relevant audience.
  • Digital and On-Ground mileage – Upload your exhibit onto our dedicated conference app and use it to invite attendees to your exhibit, and set business meetings with potential customers through our AI-powered matchmaking feature.

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