Zohaib Kazi

Zohaib Kazi, a consummate multidisciplinary artist, has assumed various creative roles over his illustrious 17-year career. As a producer, director, music maven, and consultant, his boundless talents shine through. His hallmark lies in his distinctive approach to storytelling, evident in endeavors ranging from groundbreaking archival projects exploring Pakistan’s folk music heritage to imaginative forays into science fiction narratives. Following an eight-year tenure sculpting the foundational decade of Coke Studio, culminating in his departure as its esteemed Director and Producer, Kazi seamlessly transitioned into the realm of visual direction and in search of his sonic artistic pursuits. Here, he collaborated with titans like Pepsi, Red Bull, and Spotify while producing independent content respectively. His future promises a captivating tapestry of documentaries, music odysseys, and innovative sci-fi storytelling.